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Prof. Abdullahi Ibrahim Musa

Vice Chancellor, PhD (Emporia, USA), MLS, MBA, BA/LS

Welcome to Kaduna State University, where students and faculty unite in pursuit of teaching excellence, collaborative learning, and cutting-edge research. Positioned as a beacon of academic prowess in Sub-Saharan Africa, we strive to redefine standards and shape the global landscape through innovation and knowledge dissemination. Embracing world-class education and leveraging information technology, we empower minds to pioneer transformative change and lead the way towards a brighter future

About Our University

Kaduna State University (KASU) stands as a premier state-owned institution situated in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Founded in 2004, KASU provides a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across sciences, social sciences, arts, education, and management sciences. With a commitment to excellence, KASU endeavors to deliver superior education, foster innovation through research, and contribute significantly to the state and national development. Boasting numerous faculties, departments, and institutes specializing in various academic domains, KASU is esteemed as a frontrunner among Nigerian universities. By emphasizing quality education, research, and innovation, KASU serves as a cornerstone in shaping future leaders and advancing knowledge. Its strategic location in Kaduna State positions it as a hub for intellectual growth and societal progress. Recognized for its academic prowess and dedication to scholarly pursuits, KASU stands as a beacon of learning and innovation in Nigeria and beyond.


To become a university of world class standard with excellence in applied sciences and sustainability studies


To provide an all-round university education of the highest standard for the development of the individual and the state, while inculcating the spirit of love, tolerance, understanding, and unity in the state in particular and the country in general.

Core Values

Delivering exceptional, holistic education to foster individual and state development, while fostering a culture of love, tolerance, understanding, and unity in the state and nation.

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